The Journey to 100 FKTs.

Journey to 100

A Film by WZRD Media for Athletic Brewing. Directed by Lauren Steele.

Fastest Known Times

FKTRoute NameRoute VariationStyleTimeDate
117Grand Gulch (UT)Kane to CollinsSelf-supported10h 18m 39s 2022-11-14
108Smith Rock (OR)Round River, gate-to-gateUnsupported1h 13m 49s 2021-10-09
103open courseSupported2d 11h 38m 0s 2021-07-10
102Gardner & North Gardner (WA)Abernathy-Gardner-North GardnerSupported12h 27m 23s 2021-06-22
100Smith Rock (OR)Birds in a Rut, gate-to-gateSupported1h 0m 15s 2021-05-22
99San Jacinto Peak (CA)Traverse, out & backUnsupported17h 1m 55s 2021-05-01
97Smith Rock (OR)Birds in a Rut, gate-to-gateUnsupported2h 20m 4s 2021-03-14
95Death Valley Rim-to-Rim (CA)Rim-to-Rim (either direction)Self-supported17h 50m 7s 2021-01-09
83Lassen Peak (CA)duathlon, up & downSupported2h 45m 23s 2020-10-31
73Mount Russell (CA)East Ridge up & downUnsupported3h 56m 37s 2020-09-06
71Mt Rainier (WA)sea to summitSelf-supported11h 9m 49s 2020-08-09
63Mt Shasta (CA)duathlon ascent from townSelf-supported4h 27m 55s 2020-06-18
61Mt Shasta (CA)Sisson Historic Climbers Route up & downUnsupported6h 27m 25s 2020-06-14
53OC&E Rail Trail (OR)Woods Line Spur (51km)Unsupported5h 7m 37s 2020-05-02
45Mt Wilson, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV)First Creek Canyon, car-to-carUnsupported2h 34m 37s 2020-03-23
44Mt Wilson, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV)First Creek Canyon, car-to-carUnsupported3h 52m 31s 2020-03-22
40Mt Shasta (CA)duathlon ascent from townSelf-supported5h 42m 23s 2020-02-29
17Smith Rock (OR)Super Slab, gate-to-gateUnsupported42m 2s 2019-06-25
14OC&E Rail Trail (OR)Bly Station - Crosby Station (100km)Supported14h 9m 28s 2019-05-19
11Smith Rock (OR)Round River, gate-to-gateUnsupported44m 28s 2019-02-02
5Smith Rock (OR)Round River, gate-to-gateUnsupported48m 31s 2018-11-10
2Alps of Oregon: Matterhorn & Sacajawea (OR)Matterhorn & Sacajawea, car-to-carUnsupported7h 35m 36s 2018-07-12